At Brooks-Smith Media we supply Drone VFX Filming Services to TV and Film.

We use state of the art DJI drones (UAV) which allows us to capture your Drone VFX Plates or Drone Photogrammetry data in up to 6k RAW and Ultra High Definition images.
On the ground we use Sony A7r4 to supply 61mp static images for VFX Photogrammetry and Textures.
We also have access to Lecia and Faro Lidar Scanners if you need a team to capture and supply data for your VFX Pipeline.

Click on the above image to check out our Drone VFX work without having to install any apps or products on your machine.

This Castle has been modelled using state of the art Photogrammetry software using a mixture of our DJI Drones (Thor) and Sony Cameras.

Drone VFX Services anywhere, anytime.

We normally work on 2nd unit, this normally means we have to supply our own power and dual backup our data.
We have access to 2kw Generators to keep us going all day long, DJI Inspire 2 Charge Station to make sure the drone is in the air allday and normally a kettle to keep the tea coming.

With more than five years of knowledge and expertise with drones, we fly safe and help you succeed!
Glen Brooks-Smith