VFX Services

VFX Services

VFX Services

We undertake all kinds of VFX Aerial Work including: Location Scouting, Tech Scouting, Photogrammetry Services and VFX Plate Shoots We have a wide range of tools to make sure we give our clients the best data possible, We use the latest equpiment to get the best results. Have Permission to fly Commercial Operations (PfCO/OA) from the CAA and upto £10 Million Public liability insurance to be able to fly in Urban / Built up areas.

We can supply data in different formarts using –

Reality Capture



 Our Current Hardware –

Sony A7RIV (Mantis)

Dual DJI Inspire 2 with X7  cameras (Thor and Starlord)

DJI M600 with Lidar (Hulkbuster)

Leica RTC360 (Vision)

Photogrammetry Services

There is more to aerial photogrammtery services then pressing play on a bit of software if you want to get the best results. Its about knowing what to photograph at the correct angles to make sure the software can recompile a true and accurate model, this only comes with experience.
Our photogrammtery service can create extremely accurate models that can provide location data to measurements. Anywhere we can get a camera to take multiple images we can model it. It could be super high resolution with Hulkbuster and Mantis (DJI M600 with Sony a7rIV 61mp) or quick and fast with Thor and Starlord (DJI Inspire 2 with X7 24mp).


International Service

Want to take us with you to help with your Photogrammtery.

No Problem, we have used carnet services plenty of times.

VFX Photogrammetry

Need a model of a set or some large area quickly?

We can scan large areas quick with our drone services.
VFX Drone Lidar on Boat

Hard to get areas

We have taken off and landed on water (oh an also on land) to get to thoose hard to shoot places

Lidar Services

We can supply lidar data for VFX with our M600 and Lidar service.

TV and Film VFX and Production Services

All our pilots –

Have Permission to fly Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA

Upto £10 Million Public liability insurance

We are based in Hemel Hempstead , Hertfordshire Close to

Warner Brothers Studios

Sherperton Studios

Pinewood Studios

Bovingdon Studios


We can quickly supply OBJ and FBX models

Our office has some of the latest PCs to allow us to produce models super quickly.

This allows you to get the data to your team ASAP

Our Aerial Photography Prices

Our drone aerial photography pricing will vary depending on the complexity, associated risks and location of the drone aerial photography. All aerial photography drone flights are covered by CAA regulations so we always carry out a detailed online Pre-flight survey before sending you a final quote. All quotations and instructions are subject to Brooks Smith Media’s Terms and Conditions that are included with all quotations.