Pricing and Terms

Pricing and Terms

We release no two jobs are the same so we can tailor our prices to our clients needs. 
Its always good to know a rough price before picking up the phone so below is our rough costings per serivce.
If you need a bespoke quote we are always happy to quote


Aerial Filming

Brooks Smith Media uses some of the latest drones to supply you with the footage you need. We can supply everything from a single image to a cinema grade 6k RAW video clip.

We use DJI Inspire 2 with an X7 Camera and DJI Mavic 2 PRO to supply some amazing footage.

Pricing From

Aerial Filming Single Operator – £495 Daily

Aerial Filming Dual Operator – £995 Daily



We take on all size VFX Photogrammtery jobs from Tiny copies to whole buildings. Photogrammetry is much more of a scince than just using an app to send a drone off to take pictures. It envolves planning to get get the perfect light and angles to flatten the light to get nice sharp corners. 

We offer a Sony A7 R4 for ground photography and DJI Inspire 2 x7 (24mp) for aerial, we do also offer the sony on a bigger drone on request.

Pricing from

Ground Photogrammtery – £695 Daily

Aerial Photogrammtery – £1195 Daily

Processing – £495 Daily 


We travel all over the country and have traveled all over the world to film for different comapnies. 
20 miles tavel is included with all work anything over we will be included in the quote.


With Weather and Cancelations we are really simple 
We dont fly you dont pay
We will move your deposit to another day to make it as easy as possible for you


We always ask for a 25% deposit upfront to cover our work to get the job planning going.
Once completed and weve sent over your data, we ask that the rest is paid within 14 days.