Need a drone team?

We’ve worked with companies large and small, everytime we’ve got what they needed even in challenging times!

At Brooks-Smith Media we supply quality services to TV, Film and Business. We use state of the art DJI drone (UAV) equpiment which allows us to capture your content in up to 6k RAW and Ultra High Definition images.
We also use top of the line Sony static cameras allowing up to 61mp images.

We always go above and beyond to get the content you need with safety in mind, we have a EASA Commerical Drone permission (OA\GVC) for the UK and Europe.

So if your after VFX Plate shots for your next blockbuster or Photogrammtery from the ground up, we are your crew.

Basically, we fly big drones safely and legally to get your content.

We have passed the UK Government-backed scheme to help us keep your data safe whlist we are working away on it.

We have CAA UK Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) and the latest EASA GVC with up-to £10 million Public Liability Insurance as well as DJI’s latest drones.

Need Aerial VFX?

We have worked with Netflix, Sony and Warner Brothers supplying them with Drone / Aerial Photogrammtery.  

We are able to supply 6K Plates and upto 61mp photogrammetry services.